Custom Type

ROHH Type Foundry will be pleased to create a custom original typeface exclusively for your business.

Typeface is a crucial ingredient of each brand’s visual identity. It is used on every digital and printed asset, and it is the direct carrier of brand's message, philosophy and ideas. Understanding the great importance of typography is the key to building a successful and meaningful design.

A custom font emphasizes the unique value of your brand, giving it its own visual language and outstanding personality. Having such a tool allows ensuring brand image consistency across all media as well as empowering the visual impact of your marketing materials. 

Bespoke Type Services

If you need an outstanding typography solution carefully tailored to your exact needs, we can offer you help in the form of our bespoke services:

  • designing a custom exclusive typeface
  • a customization of an existing typeface design from the ROHH Type Foundry library
  • creating a custom lettering for your logo (from scratch or based on our existing design)

Font Customization

Customization of the existing typeface can vary greatly in scope and may be applied to any of its characteristics:

  • character shapes
  • typeface height
  • x-height
  • style weights
  • width (condense or extend)
  • ascenders and descenders length
  • rounded corners
  • custom punctuation
  • custom numerals
  • horizontal and vertical spacing
  • adding or disabling ligatures / swashes / ornaments
  • adding small capitals
  • adding language support and non-latin scripts
Round corners
Alternate styles
Add true italics
Modify letterforms
Change x-height
Condense width
Extend width
Add/remove serifs

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