About the studio

ROHH Type Foundry delivers unique and versatile tools for creating beautiful typography, introducing modern technology, precision and meticulous attention to detail in a broad collection of typefaces.

In addition to professional fonts, ROHH studio creates custom lettering for brands, as well as typographically elegant, clean and highly functional websites.

ROHH Type Foundry's clients include: Sony, LG, Discovery, Givenchy, Danone, Meredith, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, Thames & Hudson, Infinite Dreams, Davis Agency.

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Roch Modrzejewski

The founder of ROHH Type Foundry, Roch Modrzejewski is a type designer and multidisciplinary artist located in the beautiful city of Krakow, working worldwide. He has accomplished his artistic education in Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

His main interest is creating advanced font families rich in OpenType features, as well as exploring new possibilities offered by the variable font format.

Apart from creating typefaces and lettering, he loves to design websites and work on branding projects.

Roch Modrzejewski - ROHH Type Foundry